Buyer Information

Alex Cooper Auctioneers Auction Services for:

  • Secured Creditor’s Sales
  • Asset / Chattel / Personal Property Sales  
  • Bankruptcy Sales
  • Sheriff's Sales


Alex Cooper Auctioneers has for many years of experience in conducting successful auctions for:

  • Kitchen, Restaurant Equipment & Accessories
  • Golf Course & Grounds Keeping Equipment, Tools & Supplies
  • Auto Repair Shops & Equipment
  • Office Equipment, Furniture & Supplies
  • Beauty Salon Equipment
  • Retail, Corporate, Commercial & Industrial Assets

Alex Cooper Auctioneers is a name synonymous with providing successful auction sales since 1924.   We provide compromised customer service and the most competitive and spirited atmosphere by bringing qualified buyers and motivated sellers together.  Our proven marketing formula combines formulating mailing lists of potential buyers, our website, targeted advertising and a wealth of satisfied customers.  Our strategy is very simple yet effective- “We deliver the buyer!”